04 July 2007

Mokka: Newport, KY

Mokka is located at 527 York Street in Newport, KY, just across the river from Cincinnati.

Please refer to the blog entry on the "Brunch Evaluation Scale" to figure out what these numbers mean.

Quality of food: 4.0
Quality of coffee: 2.5
Service: 4.0
Atmosphere: 4.0
Overall value: 4.0

This place is very cute, but very small. If there had been more than two of us we would have waited a while. However, everyone was friendly, the food was quick, and our neighbor's brunch looked as good as ours did. They do not serve alcohol. We think this place probably benefits from flying under the radar.

All in all, a good brunch experience.


Anonymous said...

I'll have you know em- Mokka is owned by my cousins :) We think it is fab-u-lous! Did you go there after they moved to their newer,better,and bigger location? Hmmm miss you a bunch babe. Leanne

liberal foodie said...

found your blog from getin"her"belly.

that's interesting comment from the other poster. As far as I know, my culinary school prof/chef owns Mokka. Or it could be that he just happens to be related to Leanne.

I gotta go in there one of these days.