03 July 2007

Brunch...because it sounds better than Leakfast.

In addition to ranting and raving about whatever I feel like at a particular time, I determined several months ago that I would embark on a mission to try as many different Brunch places as I could, and rate them for the good of the waffle-eating public. With my friend and fellow foodie Liz in tow, we came up with a basic way to rank each restaurant on a scale of 1-5. The qualifiers are as follows:

5 - Forget about wherever you thought you wanted to go to Brunch, and proceed directly to this place for unparalleled Brunch excellence.
4 - Very good. A solid Brunch experience will usually include at least one 4.
- Average. Good enough for hangovers but you don't wake up wanting to go here.
- Tolerable. Typically experienced when you think you want to try something new and then realize you shouldn't.
1 - Just don't go there. Ever.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...and brunch definitely beats out linner n. Lunner!! I'll take brunch over am pm's linner any day.