06 July 2007

Dance....and Generate Electricity

There's a new concept for clubbing that's been announced in the Netherlands. It's call the Sustainable Dance Club, and on this, the day before the Live Earth concerts of 7/7/7, it sounds like a great way to engage young people in environmentalism. Here's more on the SDC from their Web site:

The Sustainable Dance Club combines contemporary lifestyle with the latest ideas on sustainability. Soon you can generate energy while dancing on the energy (re)generating dance floor and flush the toilet with rainwater. The color of the walls changes without any energy use as a reaction to the heat and you can drink a biological beer near the water basin on the ‘relax roof’. These are just a few examples of what the Sustainable Dance Club can entail. The Sustainable Dance Club is developed as a brand: with time you may find sustainable dance clubs all over the world!

One club that's already opened up with these principles in practice is Worm, in Rotterdam. Worm employed recycled materials for at least 80% of its construction, and it uses an electricity-generating dancefloor to produce some of its electricity.

Club owners admit that a less popular DJ might have an adverse effect on the light bulbs....

(Heard originally on Marketplace Morning Report)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Correction, though: Worm doesn't have an electricty generaing dance floor -- according to the radio story, the floor is one piece of
"green" technology to be installed in a different "Sustainable Dance Club" that is in the planning stages.