24 July 2007

Deja Vu

Upon reading the news today that GM is developing a plug-in electric passenger car and hopes to have it in customers' driveways by 2010, I have to ask; haven't we been down this road before?

I mean, don't quote me on this but General Motors was the very same car company that produced the EV1 in the late 1990's and then, for reasons that no one really knows, took them back and destroyed them. Literally, crushed them. Observe:

Image courtesy of treehugger.com

The EV1 and its eventual demise was even the subject of a movie, entitled Who Killed the Electric Car? After watching that movie (and getting quite disgusted over the whole situation), I actually came away thinking that General Motors themselves killed the electric car....if nothing else, they certainly gave the "Do Not Resuscitate" order.

The news article on MSNBC goes on to describe how GM is seeking to regain market share against their Japanese competitors, whose fuel-efficient cars have been beating up their top-heavy American counterparts quite badly the past few years.

So why in the world did they crush all those perfectly good electric cars in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Rick Waggoner (GEO) and many others at GM have said that it indeed was a mistake. Certainly a PR blunder.

Someone in their legal department felt that if any part of the EV1 were re-used gm would be liable.

Some of the cars were - de-powered and given to schools. There is even one owned by the Smithsonian. (although it's in storage in Maryland now)

Some of the EV1 reseach went to the Precept concept, and later made its way into the new Chevy Volt PHEV.

C Miles

5chw4r7z said...

"for reasons that no one really knows, took them back and destroyed them"

Its not rocket science, Californa had a bill going through to require anyone selling a car in California to sell an electric car. When the bill died, so did the EV1.

emKem said...

That doesn't explain why they took the cars back from the people who were using them - and who liked them - and then proceeded to destroy them.