04 July 2007

The Echo: Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH

The Echo Restaurant is located on Edwards Road just off Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati.

Quality of food: 3.0
Quality of coffee: 3.5
Service: 5.0
Atmosphere: 2.5
Overall value: 3.5

Due to some extenuating digestive circumstances, I was not able to finish my brunch of Belgian waffle and baked apples. However I tasted it and it was pretty good. The ratings system is a group decision anyway.

It was easy to overlook the Echo's shortcomings when you factor in the incredible service. It could have just been our server but she was clairvoyant, and provided us with extra beverages and samplings of their potato selections without us even asking.

The atmosphere was OK but there were a LOT of babies there. The one next to me looked like it had just left the hospital and its mother seemed to think it wanted to walk the dining room floor. It was a little strange.

We'll probably go back. Maybe later next time, at a proper brunch hour (we went before 11 which hardly even counts as brunch).

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