15 July 2007

Exurbs and the 7 deadly sins

This past weekend I spent some time in the town of Naperville, IL with my best friends. Not much time, but enough so that I was able to reinforce a few observations that city-dwellers like to make about people that live beyond the beltways.

Now I'm just generalizing here.....but this "exurb" seemed to have a much more limited demographic than its big sister, Chicago. And while there, we ate, drank, danced and had a good time. But when we ate....we ate a lot. And when we danced....well, we had fun dancing but we felt like we may have been out of our element. Which is not to say that we felt ostracized, but our skirts were longer and our shirts covered up a lot more than many of the local females. We also visited a fine establishment that specialized in chocolate and, well, let's just say we didn't need to eat lunch when we left.

Finally, while we did get to walk around when we arrived, we all got there by car.....and this is not someplace that is well-served by a large pedestrian or biker population.

All of this got me thinking.....why do I feel so guilty when I visit a place like this? I thought about the "Gluttony" that we engaged in at the chocolate shop....and then I thought about the other deadly sins and realized we probably either participated in or saw all of the others.

Is it ridiculous to wonder if these commuter towns that exist around major cities in America tried to escape the vices that city life presented, only to eventually perpetuate them as they evolved?

PS. I may be anti-exurb, but I am still very pro-chocolate.


Donna said...

Ha - not only perpetuate those sins, but take a hypocritical attitude towards them too. Excellent point.

myriam said...

Ha ha, at my favorite little boutique shop in my neighborhood there's a local tee with the words "I'll never move to Naperville" on the front! I've been thinking about getting it. :)

Also, if it makes you feel better, Ethel's is here in the city. (I actually thought it started here?) There's only a couple shops, and the one I go to is this awesome little pink house all converted into chocolate-pink goodness. Let me tell you, their hot cocoa is incredible in the wintertime. Thick, chocolately, just the right temperature... makes the chicago winter bearable!