04 July 2007

Greenup Cafe: Covington, KY

The Greenup Cafe in Covington, Kentucky occupies the space of what used to be Wildflour. It is owned by Jean-Robert de Cavel, who owns the neighboring Pho Paris, and a cafe and prix-fixe restaurant downtown. It's a cute place, and definitely a boon for a neighborhood that is on the upswing. This will most likely continue once the Ascent opens.

Our ratings for Greenup Cafe:

Quality of food: 4
Quality of coffee: 3
Service: 2.5
Atmosphere: 3.5
Overall value: 3.5
Alcohol: ???

We like the food here. I have tried several menu items but the only thing I've ever ordered is the avocado and brie croissant, which is amazing. They also have this dish where they take day-old croissants and press them to make them like pancakes.....I don't know what is involved but they are very good as well.

However, there is room for improvement. Although it is a French-themed cafe, their Eggs Benedict is not the best thing on the menu. Also, their service is a little sketchy, but we might just chalk this up to "Beginner's Suck". To their credit, we have never had to wait very long and we have shown up with some big groups.

Lastly, this is the perfect place for a mimosa or a bloody mary, however, at last check they did not have a liquor license, and Kentucky does not allow wine - or champagne - service before 1 on Sundays (blah!).

All in all, this is definitely a solid Brunch choice if you are indecisive or don't feel like trying something new.

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Faith said...

Thought you didn't like eggs....?