20 July 2007

Honey: Northside, Cincinnati, OH

(This review is from Sunday, May 20.)

Disclaimer: Honey is my favorite restaurant in Cincinnati. Their dinner menu is teeming with amazing ingredients and savory entrees at fairly innocuous prices, and I have never been disappointed with my experiences there. So I wanted to warn you that my review will probably be tainted with Honey-love.

Honey is a 2-year-new restaurant in the neighborhood of Northside in Cincinnati, which is home to not only the best record store in the city but also a population diversity unmatched anywhere else in the region. Honey and its neighbor, Slim's, attract a good deal of foodies to the area too, so it was a natural choice to celebrate a number of things, including Liz's recent swearing in and my big news.

Quality of food: 4
Quality of coffee: 4
Service: 3.5
Atmosphere: 4.5
Alcohol: stupid Ohio Sunday serving rules!
Overall value: 4

The food was great. All of us shared a couple orders of special fries (the name escapes me), which were outstanding. Adam and Liz had Eggs Benedict and thought it could have been warmer, but were otherwise pleased. Brandon had an plate full of Huevos Rancheros and did not finish. Brian's soft shell crab sandwich was definitely different but reportedly "fine". And my French Toast had some sort of magical substance in the middle of it which took it from good to super. So, as expected, the food was better than most other places.

The house fries:

The coffee was fine. I couldn't drink that much but if anyone has any other complaints, by all means, chime in. The service was our biggest sticking point: Brandon asked for orange juice about 3 times and although our server acknowledged him, he never got the OJ. We did get billed for it though! Which we then quickly fixed, but still. Bring us the OJ! Not that hard.

The atmosphere was about as good as it gets. Their back patio sits next to the most luxurious wall of green leaves I've ever seen. And it was gorgeous outside. And I had good company! That counts for something :o)

Anyway, overall value is a 4, which is very good by my standards. Honey is what we all want to believe Vinyl could be if they actually tried (see Brunch review #6). Alas they are not....so we'll keep going to Honey. Honey is better for you than vinyl anyway.....

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