17 July 2007

Inspiration '08

If you're paying attention to the already lively Presidential race, I'd say it's best to view it with a good sense of humor and a healthy amount of cynicism. I mean there's what, 18 candidates already? And several who are probable but undeclared? And we are still 17 months away from the election....it's both remarkable and a bit frightening to realize how much more posturing we'll have to endure before this is all over with.

There are several candidates - on both sides even - with whom I agree, at least partially. From the moment he stepped into the ring though, I have been fascinated with Barack Obama. He sparked my interest with his charisma and he hooked me with his unwavering sensibility, and as his stances on everything from environmental policy to health care reform have evolved, so has my support. Obama knows more about global warming than some of my friends, which is impressive since I won't shut up about it.

Most of all, I am hopeful that Obama maintains his independence from all the influences that have tainted the other candidates. Fortunately with his broad populist support and his talent for whipping crowds into a frenzy, I don't think he'll have a problem.

I got to see him today in Cincinnati....it was damn near inspiring. I can't remember the last time I thought that about a politician! I don't know if I ever have.

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