30 July 2007

Otto's: Covington, KY

Otto's is a cute neighborhood restaurant on the northern end of Main Strausse in Covington, Kentucky. It has a small dining room and a small patio out back (affectionately named "Toot's", or Otto's inside-out). Otto's is notable for it's delicious lunch menu and its collection of table "flair", which includes lamps shaped like Vespa scooters and salt and pepper shakers in every imaginable shape.

Quality of food: 3
Quality of coffee: 4
Service: 3.5
Atmosphere: 4
Alcohol: 4
Overall value: 3.5

Otto's is one of my favorite lunch places, and so when I heard that they were serving Sunday brunch, I knew I had to go. The brunch menu is absolutely delectable too....I wanted to try every entree. Except....most of them were made with eggs, and I don't really eat those. I can eat French toast though, so I did, and it was pretty good. It was supposed to be some sort of banana French toast made with split croissants, but I have to be honest, I couldn't taste any banana. It was good, if a little towards the bland side. I also got a house salad, which was good as always.

The coffee at Otto's really hit the spot, as did the mimosa I ordered, which was very well balanced. I have it on good authority that they make a great Bloody Mary as well. The service staff was attentive and prompt, which made sense since the dining room was not full; one of the least appealing things about Otto's at lunch time is a wait staff that tends to get behind when they are at full capacity. But, it's not a well-oiled machine....it's a locally-owned joint, so you deal with the rough spots and you keep going back because the food is great.

The atmosphere at Otto's lovely; it's not too loud, the dining room is charming, and the natural light seems to always be at perfect levels. Overall, I think Otto's is a solid brunch experience and definitely worth going back. Whenever I am back in town!

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