16 July 2007

Scooter Mania

Having been admitted into my very first "Motorcycle Safety Course" this evening (as a stand-by, through a lottery, thank luck), it is now time for me to start seriously thinking about my options re: scootering.

Upon moving to LA for graduate school, I have committed to giving up my auto-based lifestyle in favor of a "tread lighter" approach, partly because I don't want to make car, insurance, and parking payments while in grad school; and partly because I am tired of paying for gas. But, realistically speaking, LA is a rough city to live in while relying solely on bicycle and public transportation, so I am looking at scooters. Scooters are great because you can take them anywhere but they are small and easy and also get upwards of 60 mpg in gas mileage.

However, I am torn. I have an opportunity to buy a used scooter at what I think is a fair price; my original plan was to buy a small "beginner's" scooter for only a little bit more. The newer scooter gets much better gas mileage than the used scooter. But I like the idea that I'm reusing an existing scooter. Hmmmm...

New scooter: The Buddy by Genuine Scooter

Used scooter: Aprilia Scarabeo 150 (looks like this one)

I should mention that they are slightly out of scale with each other and that the Buddy's wheels are actually smaller than the Aprilia's.

Thoughts, anyone? Votes? Chuck them both and get a motorcycle? Just kidding....


5chw4r7z said...

Well the greenest way to go is used.
And how cool is the vintage scooter?
Never heard of genuine scooter but the Aprilia brings to mind images of Audrey Hepburn zipping around Rome.
I'd definitely go with that.

Sean F. said...

I actually just picked up my Buddy 125 Italia Series today from MetroScooter. I have to tell you, it is soooo easy and fun to ride. Very intuitive steering...a half-hour lesson and I was ready to take the scooter down Montgomery and Gilbert Roads, took a quick detour through OTR, and parked it at my apartment downtown before taking it back out again to Western Hills. 35 miles in all just today, more than I have used my car in the last 2 weeks. At 100mpg, I don't feel too bad about zipping around in personal transport. So, I guess I am partial to the Buddy, but I am a bit biased.