23 July 2007

Trying to shed a few pounds.....

....of carbon dioxide? Look no further, TerraPass is here!

Ok, so global warming isn't really that simple, but programs like TerraPass can surely help. Say you take a flight from New York to Los Angeles. Unfortunately flying is one of the worst things you can do in the fight against global warming....a typical passenger plane uses 100 gallons of jet fuel per passenger on a cross-country flight. And that flight to LAX from New York will produce 1,920 lbs of CO2. With hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide floating into the atmosphere every day just because of people taking flights, it's no wonder the earth is warming.

Enter TerraPass....according to their Web site:
When you buy a TerraPass, your money funds renewable energy projects such as wind farms. These projects result in verified reductions in greenhouse gas pollution. And these reductions counterbalance your own emissions.

...which is great.

However, we are still flying planes that produce a bunch of carbon dioxide!!! So by buying carbon offets, we are certainly advancing the green cause but we can only go so far. To truly slow down the effects of global warming, I hate to tell you this, but we need to fly less. Or produce more fuel efficient planes. Or do all of the above!

Reversing global climate change is going to require a lot of personal change by a lot of people. Think about that the next time you step foot on plane.

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erin said...

wow. That is amazingly cheap- I calculated my projected carbon emissions from plane travel, and it claimed it would only cost $36.95 to negate all that.

That's hard to believe.