10 July 2007

Urban Oasis

I'm not sure when I came to the realization that living in a community and buying locally from my neighbors always seems to work out better for me. It may have been when I was living in New York City and I got a donut and a coffee from the same guy on the corner of 57th and 7th Ave every morning. It got to the point where he not only remembered my face, but he had it waiting for me when I got off the Subway. With a smile!

It seems such a simple concept, to have a general store in a neighborhood. Yet so many neighborhoods that I have lived in and championed have no such service. Or if they do, it's a slightly dodgy bodega, and I would hesitate to buy gum there, let alone anything else. Which is why I am so pleased to see a general store go in a few blocks away from me....not only that, but a "green" general store.

Park + Vine is a new little place that opened up very close to the corner of Vine and Central Parkway in Downtown/Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati. It only sells organic, sustainable, or otherwise green products. It's basically shopping guilt-free. And it's great! I would recommend that anyone who live in the area go and check out their stuff, because they have a lot of imaginative products and they are constantly adding more. I would also recommend riding your bike to get there, and taking your own shopping bag. But that's just me.

In addition to their eco-friendly items, the store itself is also going for LEED certification, so when they are done, you can shop for green products in a more sustainable shopping habitat.

As an avid shopper and environmentalist, I give this concept a gold star!

PS. If you do go, tell Dan that Emily says hello. :o)

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