30 August 2007

Musings on Urban Living in Los Angeles, Pt. 1

1. I ate my lunch next to a commercial shoot for Kentucky Fried Chicken today. The shoot was in the garden next to the main library downtown. I had fruit salad and a turkey wrap as I watched a female and a male actor - both quite fit, mind you - do take after take of eating a fried chicken sandwich from KFC. I wonder how much they'll have to exercise to work off all of those calories. Also, I wondered what a commercial for KFC would look like using people who actually eat there in a neighborhood that actually has a KFC.

2. Riding a bike in traffic is really not that bad. Cars for the most part tend to avoid you or at least respect your space. Riding on the sidewalk, however, is much more hazardous. Too many obstacles and pedestrians with attitude. Sometimes, however, the bus is much too intimidating. So, I'll take the traffic over the sidewalk but I'll take the sidewalk to avoid messing with the bus.

3. Now, when I'm not riding my bike, I like the bus just fine. It's so easy. And cheap! It cost me about $2.00 to get around in the past 5 days. Seriously. Do me a favor and take a few minutes to calculate how much gas you buy weekly versus how much it would cost you to take the bus for some of those trips. I think you may be surprised.

4. Urban grocery stores rule! We have one and I am going to be greedy and say I want us to have another one.

5. Urban hardware stores rule, too! We do NOT have one of those. I may open one, just for kicks. Also for hardware.
That's all for now. There will be more.


erin said...

What you want is Vermont Hardware. Vermont and.... Adams-ish? Closer to school than home obviously, but not horrendously out of the way.

sevensixfive said...

Careful riding on the sidewalk, wK, in some cities the cops'll bust you for that. I do it all the time here in Baltimore, though, too.

I like to think of it like: if I'm in the street, I'm a car, so I have to obey car rules, keep my speed up, etc. If I'm on the sidewalk, I'm a ped, so I have to move a lot more slowly and carefully.

kristin said...

there's a hardware store about 100 yards from my place... I haven't yet been there- its the kind of place that you have to knock to be let in! oh well, good to know at least that gritty-downtown LA isn't going by the wayside.

that is very ironic, about the kfc commercial. I love that area right there- the gardens in front of the central library, right? also the rooftop of the standard is nice for lunch/sunbathing/swimming.

have you yet found all the underground tunnels that don't attach to a subway system? I find those very wierd, and claustaphobic for that reason.

myriam said...

I have almost been taken out many, many times by bikers on the sidewalk. Please, please, please, PLEASE do not ride on the sidewalk. People driving cars may be in the mindset of scanning for fast-moving objects, but people walking are not. We are in a trusting mindset, and if you clip us and rush off, you don't even have some kind of insurance to help repair us. :(

emKem said...

Yeah, I'll really only hop up on the sidewalk if it's large and there's no one there. Honestly the pedestrians freak me out more than the cars do. Besides, I look too hardcore to be on the sidewalk anyway, lol.