16 August 2007

New Mexico - 7 August 2007

When we left Abilene on the morning of August 7, we knew we had a long drive ahead of us to get to Roswell. Fortunately we had lots of beautiful views on the way there.....er, OK, not really. West Texas is flat, and southeast New Mexico was even flatter. Lots of open space and hardly any trees. Apparently this area is good for wind farms, which was great to see.

I really wanted to go to Roswell. I knew it was a bit off the main path but what I was hoping for, and what we found, was a town born of kitsch. I guess the whole alien ship/weather balloon thing went down in 1947, because there had been 60th Anniversary celebrations earlier in the summer, and all the store windows were decked out for what appeared to be an annual alien window dressing contest. It was glorious. Aliens everywhere. I could have taken a hundred more pictures, but I restrained myself.

Roswell was actually a cute little town, and had lots of nice people. We thought that everyone there probably had to be a tad bit eccentric, but all things considered, it seemed like an OK place to live, if you are looking for a small, southwestern town.

We left Roswell and drove through Albuquerque on our way to the hotel in Gallup for the night. We had wanted to stop in Albuquerque to eat dinner but it started to storm and there didn't seem to be an opportunity. Fortunately when we got up the next morning in Gallup, we were greeted by the local Giant Indian, which I felt made up for anything missed the previous night.

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