19 August 2007

Pulling into town, meeting my new neighbors

From Vegas, it's a "quick" 4-hour jaunt into Los Angeles, unless you hit traffic, which is almost always, in which case it's a 5+ hour jaunt. On our way around the desert, we saw a classic piece of roadside Americana....the world's largest thermometer in Baker, California. It said it was 108 degrees, and I believed it.

We arrived at my apartment on Thursday evening, August 9, unpacked enough stuff to sleep with, and passed out. We spent the rest of the weekend while Laura was there unpacking the truck and meeting my new neighbors. Three of them, specifically, are very large and rather famous. They are the Disney Concert Hall, by Frank Gehry; The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, by Rafael Moneo; and the new CalTrans building by Morphosis. Here they are in order.

...And here concludes my "cross-country travel blog" series. The next few days I'll post some images from my first week here and then next week, I start school! I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about then....

Before I go, have a look at the view of the city from my new apartment building's roof deck:

Not bad, eh? :o)

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