26 August 2007

Sights of the City

Following are some snapshots that I took around Los Angeles in my last week of freedom before classes start....

A new building on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach:

A 2-story light fixture in a downtown club called The Edison:

A panoramic view from the top of a hill in Runyon Canyon (click for the full shot):

A sculpted piece of patio on the back of the Gamble House....the rest of my pictures turned out poorly but I'll go back eventually:


myriam said...

I LOVE the Gamble. I've never forgotten some random quote the tour guide there mentioned--that the house was finished in 6 months! I still don't quite believe it, I'm sure it's some kind of tour guide exaggeration. (Like, maybe the shell was... but certainly not all that trim and millwork!)

Glad you went to visit it. Looks like you've got some CA summer grey skies goin' on.

...tumbleweed... said...

ooh, I haven't been to the edison yet! did you walk there?

I've been wanting to go to the bar on 4th, between Spring & Main... I think its called 'bar 107'- its the one with the keyhole door- I haven't been there since it was a hispanic gay bar; its definetly walking distance from your place too!

Katze said...

I love the Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach...I am so envious you are in CA!