22 August 2007

So I hear my school has a football team.....

I like spectator sports as much as the next person. I actually enjoy watching football games sometimes, I love soccer, and I'm a big baseball fan. I never really got into college sports so much though, even when I was in undergrad. So imagine my surprise when I realized that my new school - the University of Southern California - has a football team!

I'm kidding of course, USC has a legendary football team which is currently ranked #1 in the pre-season. It just struck me as funny today while in my school orientation session that everyone echoed the same sentiment...."just get football tickets". So, are you saying I should get football tickets then, LOL?

Also today in orientation I learned something very interesting. Our administrators went over the emergency evacuation procedures with us, as they are required to do by law, which include fire drill procedures and what we're to do in an earthquake. Included in this discussion, we heard the city of Los Angeles informed USC that in the event of a major catastrophe, the university is required to sustain itself and its entire student population for one week. USC went the extra step and is prepared to be self-sustaining for a full two weeks, apparently, in the event that something happens that requires us all to remain on campus. So that's good.

If something that terrible were to ever happen here, I feel bad for the people who had football tickets for that weekend! What a let down....

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