10 September 2007

The Empty "Salad Bowl"

I would like to take a moment to complain. California is frequently referred to as the nation's "salad bowl" for its position as the largest agricultural state in the country. However, I have had bad luck with obtaining food in this city so far. Especially on campus here at USC. I will say that USC's on-campus food options are plenty, and enticing, which makes sense since attending school here is a little like going to a resort with lots of work. Great campus, great food. Right? Well, if they had it! I have lost track of the number of times I have tried to get something to eat and I have been told the place was out of exactly what I wanted. Sometimes, as with fish, I understand if the place runs out of it. It happens. But sometimes, it's just sheer laziness. And the problem is not limited to campus. The other day I went into a coffee shop downtown and ordered a simple breakfast croissant with nutella and bananas. I was told they were out of bananas. With some coaxing, I got them to use mango instead. So, I walked around in the place while I waited for them to make it, and there, hanging from a little stand was....a bunch of bananas. I thought, 'Really? You mean to tell me you are so disenfranchised/careless as a worker that you can't even trouble yourself to cut up a new banana?' I mean, did he not see it? Because it was right in front of his face as he prepared my now mango-and-nutella croissant.

Oh well. Mango costs more than banana anyway. But I am still craving the fish tacos that I didn't get 2 weeks ago! Humph.

PS. To LA's credit, the Domino's Pizza delivery people will deliver nearly anywhere, at any time, and with very little info. They are resourceful! Good to keep in mind next time a place "runs out" of sesame chicken, or salmon, or cheese....


Katze said...

A coffee house out of bananas? That is simply ridiculous! If they had any customer service etiquette (and good management), they would have sent an employee out to a local supermarket to purchase the items they needed to get through service! Oh, then I read the rest of your post – they had bananas, they just didn't want to serve them? WTF?

BTW – where are you going for fish tacos?

emKem said...

Our on-campus La Salsa. Normally they are quite tasty, but I must say, I think they are not so good in the campus environment. BTW, I went to get them 3 times, and on the 4th time, they had them! Jeez.