12 September 2007

Help me, Tim Gunn!

This past weekend, I wore one of my favorite Threadless shirts out in public....this is the one that I got when I was living in the "scary" area of downtown Cincinnati:

image courtesy of Threadless.com

Anyway, I was told by a couple of friends that this shirt may not be great to wear when out and about in LA because "it might offend some people". Oh jeez. So apparently some Los Angelinos suffer from a lack of a sense of humor.

However, this is only indicative of a larger problem....my wardrobe is inadequate for my recent shift in climate and lifestyle. I am doing the best I can with the clothes I currently have, but let's face it....I have a serious case of wardrobe malaise. When am I going to wear a blouse again in the forseeable future? Certainly not to class and DEFINITELY not when I'm riding my bike to get someplace.

So here's the breakdown. My current wardrobe:
-is heavy on work coordinates
-consists of thicker material (i.e., heavyweight denim)
-has t-shirts that are unwearable (either inappropriate or unflattering). Also some of my t-shirts are being kept for sentimental reasons and I cannot (yet) bear to part with them.
-has pants that are either unflattering or too big (I've lost weight!)
-has a great shoe collection but most of them are impractical....for example, heels, boots, and wedges are great, but bad for walking or riding my bike.

My desired wardrobe:
-has t-shirts and casual tops suitable for class or work, but comfortable enough for riding
-has casual but structured pants made of cotton and other lightweight materials
-uses layers
-keeps the diversity of my shoe collection but adds more comfortable and walkable footwear, like cute sneakers and walking sandals.

If anyone has any shopping suggestions, either online or in-store, I would greatly appreciate it. I have not the funds to purchase a whole new wardrobe but a few key pieces would help me out a lot! In the meantime, I ordered a few "non-offensive" t-shirts from Threadless to keep me afloat, including this one, which is awesome:


liz said...

shoes: zappos.com

all other clothes: no clue as i am currently obsessed w/ stocking up on sweaters, jeans, and jackets

erin said...

American Apparell. Added bonus = locally produced, sweatshop-labor-free.

myriam said...

ah ha ha, your experience is so familiar to me... one thing I don't miss about CA: misplaced concern for social causes! Ahh you gotta love us Californians: our hearts are in the right place, even if our brains aren't.

I can't recommend any sweet local spots for you, really, but I get a lot of mileage out of Urban Outfitters and H&M for those essential hoodies, tees, cords, etc. I <3 H&M. If only we had a Zara here in Chicago... there's a tshirt designer i used to like out of LB, dunno if he's still around: his label was Cardboard Robot.

myriam said...

ahh, cardboard robot is still around--i should mention that their stuff is pretty odd and i can't imagine it being anywhere close to your style. i've always liked the "greetings from california" one but it looks like they've gotten a bit more apocolyptic in style since i last perused the wares...