02 September 2007

Hot Hot HOT

The expected high today in Los Angeles hovered around 100 degrees in many parts of the city, which prompted me to say "forget it"....I had Advanced Structures homework to do, so I should stay inside anyway. I had thought about taking a walk but the notion of sucking in super-heated polluted air didn't thrill my already irritated sinuses.

A quick note about my area of study....my major is "Building Science", which are two words that people don't often use together. Many in the architecture field assume that when you go back to get your Master's degree in architecture, you will be studying theory and precedents, and have associated design studios. Well, my classmates and instructors in the Building Science department are all certainly interested in designing good buildings, and while we appreciate the theory and concepts behind these buildings, we are actually interested in learning how they work. And in my case, learning how to make them work....better. We are a little bit like that 3M commercial...."We don't make your buildings work, we make them work better". Or something like that.

Anyway, this afternoon I set about doing my assignment, which involved picking a building and diagramming its structural elements with illustration. For this task, I needed to use AutoCAD, a Windows application, and Illustrator, a program I have on my Mac. I opened Windows through my Parallels virtual desktop and put it on my second LCD screen, and with my Mac desktop on the original screen, it resulted in this scenario, which I like to call "sweet computer harmony":

This got me so excited that I needed to take a break and surf the internet. (I probably would have done this anyway, excited or not.) I decided to investigate Apple's upcoming release of OS X - Leopard, and let me just say, this operating system looks HOT. I mean, have a look at the link yourself. Is it not amazing? I think it will be to Mac users what Windows Vista was to PC users, except Leopard will work. Kidding! Sort of.

Anyway, I suppose blogging counts as procrastination as well, so I should get back to it then. Stay cool!

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