16 September 2007

Musings on Urban Living in Los Angeles, Pt. 2

1. So THAT'S how they get signs on top of buildings....with helicopters. Or at least that's how they do it in Los Angeles. A little scary to see on a Saturday morning!

2. Many cities have races. Many of these races have bands that play along the race route to entertain the runners as they plow ahead. Very few cities, I suspect, can have a race that draws such musical acts as Naughty by Nature or MC Hammer. But LA did, this past weekend, with the Nike RunHit Remix 5-mile race. Here, the Sugarhill Gang plays Rapper's Delight for a bunch of people who really don't care about finishing on time...

3. Today I tried my very first FlexCar. It was simple, and so much fun! I borrowed a Scion xA, one of the sub-compact cars that you often see on the road. I had several people ask me about it, so I got to be a spokesperson as well. I am so easily amused, I think people could tell that I was enjoying myself. Next weekend, shall I try a Hybrid?

4. If I have not already talked about it, I would like to briefly mention how nice everyone out here seems to be. I speak with complete strangers on a daily basis (I'm not even talking about crazy people), and we often exchange introductions. Perhaps it's because I'm downtown and we are the "urban pioneers" of the region, so we need to stick together. Who knows, but it's fun.

5. The Budweiser Clydesdales have been marching up and down my street for the past two days. No, really. They were shooting a commercial. I tried to take a picture but thought I would get yelled at, so I didn't. Those horses, they are pretty good actors though....

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