09 September 2007

Panic sets in

I realized today that I hadn't posted on the blog in a while....I almost forgot to post even now, because I have been ridiculously busy the past several days. Between the new job, school projects, and meeting what seems like hundreds of new people (mostly other architects), I am swamped. But I am home for the evening and I am procrastinating on more homework, so it is as good a time as any.

I am starting to panic a little. Not a lot, but there is SO much to be done, in the next 7 days alone, that I'm not sure when I'll find time for it all. I took a break yesterday and spent most of the day at the beach to bid farewell to another friend who is leaving for grad school. It was a completely new experience....the ocean air was refreshing and it's amazing how much time you can waste just soaking in the sun, and then later, trying not to let the fire go out.

Also, I am getting pretty good at riding the bus. However, my preferred method of transportation is still my bike....this seems to be the case for many others at my school as well. It makes me proud to see so many students using bikes (hopefully instead of cars altogether) but I must admit, it's a bit of a pain when I go to lock it up, as you can see....but, since I spent only $4 on all of my transportation this week, I think the locking situation is a small price to pay!

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