21 September 2007

PARK[ing] Day LA

In the spirit of positive, non-violent, and intellectual protest, I present to you some images from USC's contribution to PARK[ing] Day LA. PARK[ing] Day was conceived by REBAR, a San Francisco-based art collective, to
"rethink the way streets are used, call attention to the need for urban parks, and improve the quality of urban human habitat....at least until the meter runs out!"

The first PARK[ing] Day took place in 2005, when some folks from REBAR commandeered a parking spot, laid down some sod and fed the meter all day. In 2006, the group took over Mayor Gavin Newsome's parking spot; by this year, the idea had spread to parking spots all across the country, including major American cities like NYC, Washington DC and Los Angeles, and internationally in such places as London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

Today I volunteered at the two parking spots that the USC School of Architecture set up on campus. Incidentally, USC was the only organization in the city of Los Angeles to have two spots! We had lots of funny looks from passers-by, but everyone had good things to say about the goal. Most people liked the kiddie pool, as well. :o)

spot #1...it's huge!

our sign, which looks oddly 3-dimensional

spot #2....between 2 FlexCars

the team!

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There's a Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/parkingday/