19 September 2007

Purpose and repurposing

For my Materials and Methods class, we have two "cube" design projects and one large case study project to do over the course of the semester. The first cube was due this past Monday night, and I chose wood as the single material with which I would work. I decided that I wanted to explore the different varieties of wood that are available to a typical consumer, so I used OSB (oriented strand board), regular plywood, fiberboard, birch-laminated plywood, and FSC*-certified laminated wood planks (*Forest Stewardship Council certified wood). This is also the order in which I used them; my design was an "allusion" to a full 6-sided cube, and I wanted the cube to "evolve" from what I perceived to be the roughest material to what I perceived to be the highest-quality finish material. My design was also very improvisational, and the result was a vertical 3-dimensional contour of woods in different shades and textures.

So I finished the cube and we had our reviews for the whole class, and it was an interesting and active dialogue about working with a range of materials with varying techniques. And then, on a totally different note, I heard yesterday in class that we were supposed to have our desks marked with our name by now, and that we should also have some sort of mailbox on our desk. Clearly my 30-pound 18" wood cube isn't going home on the back of my bike anytime soon, so I thought it would make a fine mailbox. I mean, right?

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