03 September 2007

Why America is doomed

I came home this afternoon to discover my roommate watching a show on VH1 entitled "Rock of Love". This show is another of the "train-wreck-watching" reality genre where people are pitted against each other, challenges ensue, and at the end of each show, someone goes home. In this case, the participants are pierced, tattoed, bleached, and often body-modified women who are living in a house together and trying to win the attentions of Bret Michaels. Bret Michaels, the former lead singer of Poison, the band best known for the sensitive '80s anthem, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Yes, THAT Bret Michaels.

I admittedly got sucked into watching this show for a distressing amount of time, and I have to say, the more I saw, the more I was amazed. It was really mortifying. A couple of the girls seem like they could be really cool people, but a couple of them were downright crazy. And the crazy ones always end up sticking around because guess what....it's television. And with producers making decisions about real people's lives based on the notion that the crazy ones will keep people watching, ergo, they will yield more ratings....well, if you'll permit me to take a broader perspective here, it just occurred to me that 'no wonder we have global warming and poverty and a broken health care system in the United States'.

Perhaps people would care about New Orleans more if we had a reality TV show about some of the residents struggling to rebuild their lives down there. To make the producers happy, they could throw in random clips of Bret Michaels overusing the word "sexy"....you know, for ratings and such.

(What's even scarier is realizing that I now live in the same city as the people who come up with these shows.....)

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