30 October 2007

Bamboo is awesome.

Fresh off an inspiration dry spell over the past few days, I want to take this post to extol the virtues of bamboo. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, since I think it's such a great product, but yesterday I found an article on MSNBC that reviewed it very positively and made it a little more accessible for the general public. Softer sheets, harder floors, and all from a very renewable resource? Why, I think I might start growing some in my non-existent backyard.

image courtesy of EcoSherpa.com

The article mentions a couple of outlets where you can purchase clothing or linens made from churned up bamboo fibers, but I also wanted to point out a great product that keeps calling to me at the grocery store: Bambu kitchenware. Perhaps you've also seen them at the end of the aisle in your local grocery - they are the really well-designed kitchen utensils made out of bamboo. The whole line is still a little pricey (as you could expect any new high quality product to be), but eventually the price will come down a bit as more and more people buy the products, because let's face it....they are probably superior to the plastic kitchen utensils we are used to using. I have a half-melted plastic spatula at home that agrees with me.

In the US market, we are starting to see a backlash against products created with nasty chemicals that might cause us health problems, many of which are produced in China. As a result, some people are calling for a boycott of Chinese products. The irony of it in this instance is that Bambu is manufactured in China as well....let's not forget that China is the largest source of bamboo in the world. So I doubt that we can blame all of our toxic worries on one place....if we want to take responsibility for our own health and consumption, we need to start with our brains and act with our pocketbooks. Products made with bamboo are a great place to start!

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