16 October 2007

Midterms? What midterms?

It's about mid-semester here at USC's School of Architecture, and I'm taking it easy. I'm definitely having a hard time adjusting to "college without design studio" since that's all I know; 6 years of architecture school for my undergraduate Bachelor's of Arch., and I had studio every single quarter that I was in school. I have been living vicariously through my friends in the MArch program as they go through their midterm critiques, however.....and by that I mean, I am watching crits, and wishing I was designing something, and making sure they don't somehow hurt themselves from lack of sleep.

Although I do not have an architecture studio that involves designing a building, I have 3 other classes with design projects that have been keeping me busy. The first one is a Materials & Methods class, in which we study, uh, materials and methods. I posted my first project in the class a while back, and this is my most recent:

The goal was to create a "cube" using nothing but plexi-glas and a favorite material of mine called 3-form. Originally I was hoping to use it as an end table in my apartment, but after I finished making it, it was structurally unsound and now sits on its side above my desk. I think I will just put a top on it and keep it like that.

Beyond the cube project, I have a case study in the same class which I am doing on a building just down the street from my school. It's called the Science Center School, and it's an interesting building with a dual-use program and an interesting tension between historical and new elements. I've gotten a lot of information on it thus far, and I took a tour, where I took the following pictures:

More pics of this building on my Flickr page...

Another class I am taking is called "Advanced Structures" and is less scary than it sounds....actually it is kind of fun. I have weekly assignments in this class and a term project that I am doing with a classmate, which is to redesign the structure of a train station. We selected Glasgow Central Station in Glasgow, Scotland, a beautiful old station which we thought was prime for an update. We have to make a model for this project eventually, so for now, I will just show you the original:

The last class I am taking is "Advanced Environmental Systems" which for this semester is essentially lighting design. I have nothing of interest to show in this class at this point. At the end of the semester I will be entering a competition, not sure which one yet, but at that point I will put up some images of my work.

Lots to do yet! But for now, I'm still just planning.....

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