09 October 2007

Musings on Urban Living in Los Angeles, Pt. 3

1. Pigeons are disgusting, resourceful little creatures. I passed this scene the other day on my street and had to chuckle. I mean, everyone needs a bath, right? Even if it's in dirty street water....

2. La Salsa on the PCH in Malibu really wants you to know that Mexicans were involved in the making of their food. Giant, plaster Mexicans.

3. If you ever want a break from "urban living" in Los Angeles, may I suggest a hike on any of the area's many trails in the hills surrounding the city. Granted, a hike in Southern California doesn't at all resemble a hike in the gentle rolling hills of the MidWest. Here, you could see the ocean, and a house that looks like it just flew in from Pluto, all on the same outing.

4. Of course, if a real hike in the hills isn't in the cards, you could go visit the California Science Center where they have a bamboo forest growing in the middle of a renovated 1913 armory building.

5. Finally, if it's peace, quiet, and luxe comfort that you are searching for, might I suggest my new roommate for your interior design needs. Before she moved in, I was coping with my sad futon and coffee table in an otherwise drab, empty living room. Now the place looks outstanding AND it's party-ready. I should know, I took it for a test drive this past weekend!

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