01 October 2007

Tired of your job?

Go green! This week's issue of Newsweek discusses how the search for renewable-energy sources is making clean-tech jobs hot, and some are popping up in unexpected places....like Toledo, OH. An excerpt from the article:

With oil prices near record highs and more companies concerned about their carbon footprints, workers are finding job opportunities in the emerging green economy. Companies are hiring scientists to work on renewable-energy technology and business people to market earth-friendly products. Even if some of these nascent companies falter, there's widespread conviction that this sector will become one of the country's hottest employers. "This is the challenge of the 21st century ... and it's not going away," says Kevin Doyle, founder of the consulting firm Green Economy.

When I graduate in 2009, I will certainly be trying to create jobs for this market!

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