29 November 2007

Game Time

My every waking moment over the course of the past 2 weeks has basically been dedicated to working on final projects, which is why I didn't notice this going up on the Northeast corner of campus.....

....and it's also why I've been scratching my head every time I pass the statue of Tommy Trojan, which, on sunny days this week, has looked pretty much like this:

image courtesy of SeraphimC

Apparently, despite what it looks like, this is not, in fact, a prank by UCLA, but preventative measures taken by USC students to keep him from harm by any would-be Bruin vandals. Apparently our lead Trojan, needs, um, a protective sheath, as it were. OK, subtlety is failing me right now, so I will just come out and say that it's the biggest Trojan condom I've ever seen!

It's very exciting, I suppose, although I really don't have time to participate in the festivities. It's game time for me as well.....I'll probably be watching football on Saturday with my computer on my lap, while finishing up presentations for my materials, structures, and lighting classes. The difference is that the football team guys get a little break after this semester, but me? I get to start on my thesis.....no rest for the weary Trojan! ;o)

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