13 November 2007

On hiatus

There is no real, acceptable reason for my lack of communication over the past several days except to say that I am tired. After a few "slow" weeks at school, we've ramped back up to where I now have so much work to be done that it fills all of my time. Add to that lectures and events at school, trips to the grocery store and trying to do laundry, and trying to do all of these things by bike, and you can imagine how blogging can slip to the bottom of the priority list.

This is an exciting week though. We are finalizing the design of our structures project, I am starting schematic design on a lighting competition project, and I am writing my thesis proposals. Also I am preparing to roll out labels for our waste receptacles in the school so we can start measuring reductions in the waste stream. But everything is still in development! So unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any pretty pictures of what I am doing, at least not now. In lieu of this, I will leave you with one of my favorite photos from Paris: underneath the Grande Arche.....

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