02 November 2007

Things are about to get interesting.

The NY Times reported on Friday that movie and television writers would go on strike for the first time since 1988. The strike is set to start on Monday morning, November 5, which means that almost instantly, my routine will be disrupted....and I will not get my daily dose of happiness....

If the writers strike, TV shows and movies might not be impacted for weeks or months, but daily shows, like, uh, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or Late Night with David Letterman, will be affected immediately, since they rely on current events and topical humor for most of their content. It takes writers to translate that content every day into the hilarity that is The Daily Show, and without them - no hilarity. Jon Stewart is good but he is not a machine.

What's even worse to think about is the harm this strike could do to the economy of Southern California, which is still reeling from the October wild fires and the collapse of the housing market. The Times reports that the entertainment industry contributes about $30 billion annually, or about 7%, to the economy of Los Angeles County; a writers' strike could hobble the industry, and could have a domino effect on tourism and related business.

On behalf of those who rely on The Daily Show to maintain some semblance of sanity in an increasingly unfathomable world, I am pleading with the Writer's Guild...please work out your differences. Do it quickly. We will not last for long without you!

If, however, you'd like trim your ranks by a few members here and there, might I suggest starting with the writers of this show?

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