23 November 2007

When the old meets the new

I'm taking a break from the madness of grad school to mention some recent developments in architecture world. Remember the theme "old vs. new" when checking these out.....

First up, the German city of Hamburg is not new, but the J. Mayer H. Architects design for this competition-winning building certainly is. It reminds me of candy....or is it just that Thanksgiving has ended but I still have food on the brain?

This Renzo Piano skyscraper in Manhattan is not just another office building - it's the new home for the New York Times. The Times' architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff wonders in print what such a striking 21st Century building means to an institution that is struggling to drag itself out of the 20th Century.

And finally, in Beijing, workers are about to close the gap in the z-shaped CCTV building by OMA. So many new buildings are being built in the ancient Chinese capital because of next year's Olympics that one can hardly keep up. This one stands out especially because....well, have YOU ever seen anything like it before?

Now if only they could get that whole smog thing worked out, they'd be all set...

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