01 November 2007


There is no shortage of wine in Southern California. I have been personally verifying this over the past several weeks. Between receptions, exhibit openings, dedications and Halloween parties, there is always something going on, and plenty of wine to be had. On Tuesday afternoon, at the dedication of the Robert H. Timme Architectural Research Center at Watt Hall (aka, my studio space), a mini-party broke out at my desk. This, too, was fueled by wine. And I'm going wine tasting soon.....I mean, I have to personally verify that it tastes good, in addition to checking on the supply.

All in moderation, of course, and I am lucky that I am not suffering any ill effects. I do, however, have some good news for those of you who have difficulty imbibing the "nectar of the gods" without getting a headache: there appears to be a gagdet that can stave off wine headaches. It has been developed with NASA-funded technology and is the size of a small briefcase. It works by testing a drop of wine to determine amine levels, since high amine levels are widely regarded as the cause for the headaches and high blood pressure that follow wine consumption in some people. So, for your next party trick, may I suggest carting this contraption in and testing all of the wine at your next soiree. Tell them you are from NASA and on official business. Also, you might want to have a glass first......as the official tester, it is your duty!

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Laura said...

Interesting...my "Wine in Western Culture" professor told us headaches were caused by the sulfates in wine. I learned something new today. Cool!