21 December 2007


When I started this blog at the beginning of July, I did so for a few reasons. I was leaving my job as an architectural project manager at a firm in the Cincinnati area and going to grad school....in California. I figured that at least a few of my family, friends and coworkers would be interested in not only my cross-country trip to Los Angeles, but also my progress at USC and what exactly I was studying (apparently "building science" isn't very descriptive to most people). Additionally I had some things to say, and I decided that people might be getting tired of my emails with various links, pictures and mini-diatribes, dealing with themes ranging from how they could save energy in their homes to "look at how ugly this building is".

Well, here I am, 100 posts later. It's easy to think "how could I possibly have that much to say" but then I realize that I have about 100 random thoughts each day, so theoretically you are lucky that I haven't already posted more than this.

To everyone reading, all new and returning visitors, I would like to say the following: Hi! I'm Emily. Thanks for visiting! And welcome. Now let me tell you something about yourselves.

Since I started keeping track of visitors at the end of August, this blog has had:
-6,587 page loads
-5,098 unique visitors
-3,787 first time visitors (howdy, strangers!)
-723 visits from California
-385 visits from Ohio
-235 visits from New York
-182 visits from Kentucky

Now I can't tell who anyone is, or where you live on the street or anything like that. But Google Analytics gives me all sorts of fun graphs and maps to look at that gives me an idea of who is reading. It's important to me because it reminds me that there are people out there who might be interested in my school or my city, and that I should try to explain things whenever possible.

More fun facts (this is almost as fun as baseball statistics):
*The only state in the US which has not visited the wonderSphere is North Dakota. South Dakota and Alaska are tied for one visit apiece (perhaps they will all visit more now that I mentioned them).
*Besides the US, we have had visitors from 59 other countries.
Canada, the UK, Japan, and Belgium round out the top 5 in terms of views. The wonderSphere has even been viewed by people in Vietnam, Bolivia, Cyprus, the UAE, and ANTARCTICA (hi Clair!)! To my top 5 visitors, I would like to say: Hello, Allo, こんにちは, and Bonjour/Gutentag (sorry, I couldn't find a Flemish translation anywhere).
*Most of you spend only about a minute on the site at a time. (Fair enough.)
*Most of you visited through Internet Explorer or Firefox.
One of you visited via Playstation 3 (that's dedication!).

Your favorite entries on the wonderSphere are, in order:

1. Finding Your Footprint. This is far and away the most popular post I have made thus far, with over 1,900 page views. And if I were to pick one that I wanted a bunch of people to see, I would have picked this one. (Thanks to Andrew Sullivan and the Daily Dish for the shout-out)
2. Lessons from Cincinnati. This post cited Robert Campbell's Boston Globe article about Harvard's long term development plans and whether or not Cambridge could learn something from Cincinnati. I would still like to know why Mr. Campbell took a shot at one of my favorite Cincinnati buildings, but I've not had the time to take up the issue with him....yet!
3. My review of Otto's in Covington, KY. This post comes up on the front page if you do a Google search for Otto's. I'm still glad I gave it a good review....such good food! I hope those of you who read that post agree with me.

So, there you go. You already know so much about me, I thought it was fair that we talk about you, for once! One thing worth mentioning is that I really appreciate feedback....it's easy to just post and think that no one is paying attention, but my graphs tell me otherwise. Therefore, if you see something you like, or if you see something that you disagree with, by all means, leave a comment.

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy Holidays!


Clair said...

Hey! What about Antarctica! I'm reading your blog down here too!

emKem said...

OK, first of all Clair, you are awesome. Second of all, Google doesn't appear to give Antarctica as an option (I think it calls it "not set" or something, like it's not there!) I will now revise the blog post to include Antarctica.

PS. I'm going to blog about you one day soon!

sevensixfive said...

Baltimore, Maryland checking in.

Laura said...

Thanks for the shout out... btw Guten Tag is actually two words :o)