28 January 2008

Face it! There is a solution to Global Warming.

....Well, maybe. That's what the people from Architecture 2030 want to tell us anyway, and they are doing so with one of their very effective Web casts this Wednesday, January 30.

As for the "maybe", I am a little uncomfortable with the notion that there is a "solution" to global warming. There are certainly ways of reducing it and mitigating it, but the fact remains that even with those measures, even if we completely turn our back on our greenhouse-gas emitting ways, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are still going to escalate to levels previously unseen in human history (in fact they already have).

But, I am still all for spreading the word and doing my part, which is why I'm helping to organize a showing of the Architecture 2030 "Face It" Web cast this Wednesday in the USC School of Architecture. It is especially important that we at USC participate in any initiatives to reduce global warming, not only because it is a critical learning exercise for all of our young designers, but also because USC is still one of the only schools in the country to have signed on to the 2010 Imperative. If you are in Southern California and you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, please stop by! Everyone is welcome and we'll have pizza too.

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