13 January 2008

Flip flops in January

This is ridiculous. I visited LA at this time last year when I was trying to decide where to go to grad school, and it was cold when I was here. It was as if the falling mercury had followed me to the West coast, and while it was chilly, the record lows seemed normal to my Ohio-River-Valley blood at the time. This weekend was more normal by Los Angeles standards....the temperature hovered around 70, and I actually woke up this morning flailing about in my room, which hit 80 degrees according to our thermostat. And so I ventured out in flip flops, in January, for the first time in my life, as far as I can remember. From what I've heard, I wasn't alone - the Midwest and the East coast experienced record warmth in the past week. So it appears that global warming is keeping us on our toes....what will we have next year? Torrential floods? Fire and brimstone? Raining frogs? No, it's not the plot of a Paul Thomas Anderson film, it's just another day in Southern California.

Speaking of distorted reality, I think I've found New York City, and it's only 2 blocks north of me. That is, New York City in movies, as far as you are concerned. The massive film shoot below had a 3-block radius tied up with heavy traffic the whole weekend, and it involved what looked like a hundred extras, a cherry picker, a large stadium-style spotlight, and, later on in the day, a bevy of fire trucks. If I had to bet, I would suggest keeping your eye out for this scene in any potential "such-and-such destroys New York" movie in the future. But that's just me, speculating...what do I know? I'm just a grad student....

4th and Spring, abuzz with retired cops and walkie-talkies

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liz said...

what??? there is no 4th and spring!

also, i don't know what is wrong w/ me, but only just now did it occur to me that they might possibly not film movies set in NY in NY. i realize that is common knowledge that i should have figured out long before now, but there you have it.