17 January 2008

"I'll take one bottle of Nihilism, please"

One of the reasons LA is so amazing is the sheer volume of stuff that you can find in this gigantic basin that constitutes Southern California. Case in point, we now have our own "time travel mart". Specifically, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart....observe:

all images courtesy of 344design.typepad.com

This is not just any convenience store, however. It's actually the retail componenet of a free literacy and writing center for kids that was started by author Dave Eggers called 826LA, and the heart of its programming is drop-in tutoring, which is available to kids ages 6 to 18. The story behind why it's a "time travel mart" and not simply a community center is quite clever:
As the story goes, the zoning of the first center at 826 Valencia Street in the Mission District required there to be some sort of retail space in the storefront. Instead of the predictable bookstore or art gallery, Eggers decided to open a pirate supply store; a superhero supply company in Brooklyn followed. He had some ideas for the new space -- a Viking emporium among them -- but "I've been overruled every time."
And what a great concept it is! Where else can you help out kids and purchase items from outside the space-time continuum? Here are some more photos from this unique place....

Barbarian Repellent

Dead Languages

Time-Freezy Hyper Slush Machine

"Ism" Wines


Walter Sobchak said...

Nihilists! F*ck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

liz said...

it just now occurred to me that you currently live in the land of lebowski... is there some kind of a tour we can go on or something?

also, i want to add roscoe's chicken and waffles to my must-eat list.