24 February 2008

The cultural significance of my new hoodie

My friend Lisa works at American Apparel, and this is great for me for two reasons: 1) she is a walking database of AA information and can tell me what to get when I inquire, and 2) she can get me everything I want for half off. Despite the fact that they don't (currently) carry wardrobe staples like jeans, I do like shopping there because they carry every style they have in nearly every color imaginable, and all of these pieces are made sweatshop-free, in downtown Los Angeles. And who doesn't support that?

My last Lisa-sponsored visit to AA was a necessity; it was a typically breezy day in Santa Monica and the sun was descending over the horizon, and with it went the temperature. Basically, I was freezing and needed something to wear. And like a beacon of glaring fluorescent light, there was American Apparel waiting for us. Lisa gave me the 30-second breakdown of my numerous AA-hoodie choices, and we decided that this unisex salt-and-pepper Flex Fleece version looked good.

No, this isn't me - this is an American Apparel model showing off my new Flex Fleece Hoodie - image courtesy of AmericanApparel.net

This is slightly difficult to explain but I'm going to try anyway....with the purchase of this hoodie, I feel like I have embraced Los Angeles culture a little more. It's not only that I bought from American Apparel, which I have done before, but I remembered that it was made in Downtown LA, my own neighborhood, and that made me feel good. And then I heard that Lindsay Lohan passed out drunk in this hoodie in a car and got her picture taken in it...and after a healthy chuckle at that fact, I thought that I might actually have something in common with my celebrity neighbors (not the "passed out drunk in a car" part, though). Lastly, I ran into a guy at a restaurant who was wearing my same hoodie, and it was a conversation starter....in a society where we find ourselves increasingly isolated by advances in technology, I appreciate anything which encourages direct human interaction.

So, I'm probably going to name the hoodie now. I am a big fan of naming inanimate objects which exhibit personality characteristics, like my bike, Darcy. Any suggestions, post them here.


liz said...

i actually bought you a gift last week that is truly going to bring your entire life full circle, i am not even kidding, and it partially involves american apparel

fleur de gris said...

aw c'mon. you've never passed out in a car?

i can't say i could distinguish that hoodie from any other from across a room, so i'm obviously 1)old or 2)totally out of the consumer fashion loop. one thing i can propose, though, is that the guy who struck up a conversation with you must have REALLY been paying attention!