26 February 2008

For all those visual learners out there....

Say what you want about the New York Times, but you can't deny they have a mighty fantastic infographic department. Sure, the infographics at The Onion are funnier, but the NYTimes graphics are mesmerizing.....I can stare at them forever, and they are often eye-openers.

Like this one, actually. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at this and realize, "wow, we could actually do a lot of things for our country if we weren't mired in an intractable war half a world away." Hmmmm.

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erin said...

but, but... why does it have to be so unattractive?

Just as a note, there's a whole organization out there that's been trying to put this message out for years, and has beautious visualizations of it, as seen here: http://www.sagmeister.com/worknew14.html