14 February 2008

I love coffee.

I also love architecture, brunch, watching movies and talking about politics. It would seem more appropriate to profess your love to another of your species, rather than a beverage or a thing, on Valentine's Day, but unfortunately I am single, so that's the best I can do right now.

(Just to clarify, I am single, female, straight and looking. Thanks for playing!)

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liz said...

it is probably more appropriate to profess love through a means of communication other than craigslist, but that doesn't stop the missed connections crowd! (or me)

You were working at the Corner Pub in Montgomery on Saturday night. You had a wool beanie on and then took it off. I bought us both a shot. I asked the other bartender for your name. We were staying at each other all night. I loved your ear piercings and the nipple ring that I could see through your shirt. Any other piercings I should know about? Just curious...xoxoxo