18 March 2008

CA Boom Design Show

My friend Laura is the latest in a series of wonderful house guests to accompany me on another California-related, blog-worthy adventure. This past weekend we attended the CA Boom V 2008 Design Show at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, which had modern, sustainable and pre-fab design on its agenda. In the pre-fab housing area, dwellings by LivingHomes.net, Rocio Romero, and Alchemy Architects (Wee House) were featured, and the rest of the showroom floor had some delightful items. Below are some of my favorites.

The Z6 House by Ray Kappe is the featured house on LivingHomes.net, and although the house wasn't officially part of the show, we stopped by the first LEED Platinum House in the United States on our way to the Hangar to take some photos. This pre-fab house was erected in 8 hours on-site in April 2007. Not bad for a day's work. (Incidentally, this is also the house I am studying for my energy modeling class. More on that later.)

This company (the name of which escapes me) developed a lightweight concrete-substitute for outdoor plantings and landscaping. Here they show it off with their "grass man".

Raise your hand if you need a life size horse statue lamp from Moooi Boutique. Anyone? Anyone?

Now THIS is a lamp. The "feathery" pieces are actually some kind of acrylic material. It was gorgeous!

Probably my favorite thing in the entire show. City plates! Maps of world cities on a plate! I love maps! I don't like spending $50 on a single plate though :o(

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