14 March 2008

Celebrity sightings in LA to date

People always ask me, "have you seen any celebrities in Los Angeles since you moved there?" Well, yeah. It may be a bigger pond but if you increase the ratio of fish in that pond by about a hundred-fold, you're bound to catch more eventually.

Here is a list of celebrities I've seen in and around LA since I got here. This is as much of a tally for me as it is an FYI for you. Remember what People magazine says...."famous people are just like you and me!"....so we don't bother them or harass them when we see them. The most we do is acknowledge their presence, or, if it's Jeffrey from Project Runway (see below), we giggle a lot.

Tony Shalhoub of Monk at the Trader Joe's

image courtesy of img.tv.yahoo.com

Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls at an American Apparel concept store

image courtesy of viewimages.com

Sandra Oh (I think) at the Home Depot (I'm pretty sure it was her because her hair looked great, just like in this picture)

image courtesy of imageshack.us

Moon Bloodgood and Kevin McKidd of Journeyman shooting their fledgling TV show just down my street (I saw them early the morning after I had just watched the show, causing my groggy head to momentarily think they had time-traveled from San Francisco - where the show is set - to LA)

image courtesy of tvguide.com

Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakeredes of CSI:NY, also down the street from me, and also shooting their TV show (newsflash; LA is New York, people)

image courtesy of cbsnews.com

Jeffrey Sebelia, winner of Project Runway Season 3, in the lobby of my apartment building...this one, frankly, was the most exciting one for me!

image courtesy of bravotv.com

Timothy Hutton and Fisher Stevens (middle and right) at a Downtown LA Art Walk

image courtesy of viewimages.com


gretch0r said...

That's it? We need to get you out more.

liz said...

you know, there are quite a few celebrities to be sighted here in cincinnati, including:
-"derek said it would be like that" beasley
-bootsy collins (is that a real person?)
-various distant relatives of george clooney
-hungry bengals players
-the alliteratively named mayor mark mallory
-joe nuxhall (oh wait, he's dead)
-the naked cowboy from times square
-your mom