07 March 2008

Happy Thoughts to Quell a Growing Discontent

I've had so much to do lately, I've barely had time to stop and look around and take everything in. Earlier today I thought to myself "my life is killing me"....oh the irony. It's already a week into March and I feel like New Year's just happened. I think that I have been learning so much, and meeting so many great people, it's easy to get caught up and not really make time for myself.

Unfortunately some of the longest stretches of "down time" I've had recently took place at bus stops. There's something about waiting for a bus that makes you so singularly focused on one thing - that glowing yellow head sign in the distance - that you must think about something else or else you'll become one of the crazy people that you pass on the way there. These are the topics that I think about while I'm waiting:

1) My schedule. God help me.
2) Impending social activities, and the potential for more....
3) What I'm going to write on the blog next (I've got about 4 posts backlogged, are you ready?)
4) After yesterday, I am now thinking about this:

image courtesy of TreeHugger.com

Take a nice long look....this is probably my perfect car. I mean, until cars can fly and are truly futuristic, but for now, for 200-, that is my perfect car. It is Volkswagen's new diesel-hybrid-electric engine Golf. Yes indeed, it's a Golf with two engines, one that can run on diesel, which means biodiesel, which means waste vegetable products, and the other which is electric, and emits no carbon dioxide whatsoever. In fact the diesel portion of the engine has greatly reduced its emissions as well, and if you run on WVO....you'll just smell like french fries!

I have no idea when this thing is supposed to hit the American market but I'm hoping it's sometime shortly after I obtain a job with a salary to pay for it. I loved my old GTI, it was just a great size for hauling stuff and people, and the notion that I could get the benefits of my old car plus the technology that I demand as an environmentally-conscious consumer makes me really happy.

So, this will keep me mentally busy for my next few visits to the bus stop. After that, maybe I'll start thinking about how cute the Vetrix all-electric scooter could be if they actually tried a little harder.

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