06 March 2008

Olive and Black

Today I walked out of the house in an Olive green t-shirt, with my Olive green H&M jacket, after having put on some Body Shop Olive skin lotion. Although I never used to be a fan of the color because of its close association with the military, I've rediscovered it lately, and its ability to go with nearly everything I have in my closet. It's my new khaki, an utterly versatile neutral, and it works for me.

The other color that works for me is black, and this was the color of the evening on the Project Runway Season 4 Finale last night. (Yay! I finally get to blog about it!) I love all sorts of design, and fashion is an indulgent way of expressing art. Well if fashion is an indulgence, then Project Runway is my ice cream....as far as reality TV goes, it doesn't get any better. All three of this season's very talented final contestants had black throughout their collection, and Christian had it for probably the first half of his. Nonetheless, the show was phenomenal....all three of the collections were innovative and gorgeous. The piece that made me gasp was the last one we saw, Christian's two-toned feather dress....astounding:

***WARNING! Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the finale, stop reading!***

So when it came time to pick a winner, I honestly had no idea who they were going to pick. The workmanship was at such a high-level, for me it was a toss-up. Each designer had a piece that I didn't care for, and several that I was in love with. I would buy Jillian's jaunty jacket in a heartbeat if I saw it in a boutique (and what color was it? Olive!). In the end though, if everyone is at the same level, I guess they had to go with the one that gave them the most drama, and that was Christian. His show started off bold and just kept getting more and more spectacular. In reality, Rami or Jillian could have won as well, but they've gotten enough exposure at this point to where they didn't need to, really. So Christian and his "fierceness" picked up a cool $100,000 and some car (I think it was a wee Saturn hatchback), and now the rest of us are back to wondering when the next season will start up again. In the meantime, unless you have some design talent and want to audition for Tim Gunn.....at least we have Top Chef to keep us occupied.

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