03 March 2008

Things I feel compelled to tell you about.

Recently, I've been waxing poetic on a number of issues, and rather than feeling like I'm constantly repeating myself, I thought I might put it all up here.

1. Some people I know have blogs. My dear friend Clair just got back from Antarctica where she spent (their) summer as a Solid Waste Technician. (I wonder if she knows that I've been playing with trash too?) My roommate Gretchen takes beautiful pictures and often puts them on her equally attractive blog. My friend Liz writes long and hilarious stories about her experiences with food in whatever place she happens upon at the time. My cousin Matthew updates his blog constantly with political pieces with which I frequently disagree, but I also think it's important to challenge one's beliefs with opposing viewpoints so that you understand yourself better. Thanks to Matthew I understand my beliefs quite well, LOL.

2. Some people I don't know have blogs. Although I have never met them, some of my Archinect and internet cohorts maintain rich and stimulating blogs that I would recommend to casual readers. Architechnophilia continues to amaze me with his ability to find great architecture, like a DJ can find a great song. BLDG BLOG is written and produced by Geoff Manaugh, who must have been bequeathed with super-human time-expanding powers when he was recently installed as Editor of Dwell Magazine. And, in my favorite blog discovery of perhaps the past several months, we now have an authority on Stuff White People Like, and their daily updates are amusingly accurate.

3. The Arctic ice cap could be gone by summer. But don't take it from me, take it from Treehugger, who are probably way better at citing their sources than I am.

4. St. Patrick's Day is two weeks from today. As it is my favorite holiday, this is very important, and it almost snuck up on me. Start getting your plans in order, everyone! In the meantime, I have to figure out parade routes, where to eat, and which green wig to wear....

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