26 April 2008

Bobbleheads: valuable collector's item or contributor to the waste stream?

I went to my first Dodgers game last night since moving to Los Angeles (happy birthday Ian!), and lo and behold, it was Joe Torre Bobblehead night. I have been at least a mildly-engaged baseball fan since I was a young girl - growing up in Cincinnati will do that to you - so I have attended my fair share of baseball games in my life. Many of these were "Bobblehead" nights, and as a result, I started a small Bobblehead collection of my own. But as I arrived home from the game last night, I looked at my new Joe Torre Bobblehead (as seen below) and I said, "Joe, what do I do with you?"

OK, not really, because I don't talk to Bobbleheads, especially not ones who used to manage the Yankees (gag), but it's a relevant question. I have maybe 10 or 12 of these things sitting in my closet, and what do I do with them? I don't have them on display, as my roommate would probably kill me; our apartment decor is somewhere along the lines of "IKEA-shabby-chic", and sports memorabilia doesn't really fit into this picture. Should I sell them?* Give them away to friends on holidays? Throw a tea party, perhaps? (It would be a really funny tea party since most of my Bobblehead characters aren't even with their depicted teams anymore.) The reality is that I am at the point where I'm starting to think I have too much "stuff" and owning these Bobbleheads isn't really making me feel any better. But how do you recycle a Bobblehead? I think most of them are wood so that's not easy.....

Anyway, I like taking polls so I'm starting another one on the right: What should I do with my Bobblehead collection? Please vote!

*These questions do not apply to my UC Bearcat or Pete Rose Bobbleheads, which I will never give away. Also, this post is dedicated to the memory of my Ken Griffey Jr. Bobblehead, which perished in an unfortunate dusting accident several years ago.

image courtesy of some guy on Craigslist who is already trying to sell Joe

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Faith said...

You crack me up! So, the fact that you don't talk to Bobbleheads is a real relief....