04 April 2008

Google owns me

I decided that I deserved a few days' break from blogging, after the month that I just had, thus the hiatus. In that time I thought to myself, "hmmmm, self, what will I write about next? There's so much to say....." And I have finally decided to write about something that you probably already know about, which is how awesome Google is and how it basically runs my life. Case in point, this blog is hosted by Blogger.com, which is owned by Google; my primary email address, and thus my primary form of communication with people, is Gmail, which is run by Google; my main calendar (ahem, actually 3 of them) are through my Gmail account, and this sends me alerts every time I'm supposed to do something (which is about 10 times a day); my RSS feed is through Google Reader; and Google does my dishes too! Just kidding but I think they are headed in that direction. The Google Dishwasher 1000!

To top it all off, Google is funny, environmentally sensitive, and desirable. Google is your best friend, your boyfriend and you. Not only you, but who you wish you were. And not only your boyfriend, but the quarterback and the valedictorian, rolled up into one tall, dark, and handsome package. Google is going to make me a mixtape as soon as I get done with this post. And then Google will probably buy Muxtape, if it doesn't own it already.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this except to say that I am both enamoured with and frightened of Google, all at the same time. I will now leave you with some images that Google gave me when I searched for "wonder sphere." Ciao for now.

image courtesy of gallery.wolfram.com....pretty fancy, eh

image courtesy of theshoegoddess.net....I guess that heel is pretty wonder-ful

image courtesy of www.damninteresting.com....and I'd agree, it's pretty damn interesting

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myriam said...

Do you google-text? Best google invention EVER. Saves me like $10 a month, at least! I probably use it 2-3 times a week. Yay Google!!!

I wish other business would take a page out of their corporate book -- the reason we have all these great Google products is that they pay their employees to simply think. Not work on a billable project, nothing -- just think of what new cool thing they can come up with to make life better. Every company should do that!