30 April 2008


I would like to share with you a phenomenon that I have only recently become aware of. That is, the apparent disintegration of my handwriting as a result of using the computer so frequently. I discovered it when I was trying to write evaluations at the conclusion of one of my classes.....these are pieces of paper with a few questions that encourage us to evaluate our professors and give suggestions on how to improve the class. This meant that I had to write sentences, and as I struggled to write a couple of comments on the sheets of paper, I realized that I had lost the natural syncopation that I used to have when writing by hand. I was able to write something eventually but it was, as some might say, a "hot mess."

And as it turns out, I'm not alone....several of my classmates experienced the same phenomenon. In most of my classes, many of us typed our notes into the computer because frankly it was faster but when it came time to write down more than just our name, it was a challenge.

What a strange byproduct of the computer age! I spent a long time trying to develop a handwriting that was compatible with my profession (if you've ever seen an architect's handwriting you know what I'm talking about), so this is a little disconcerting. Should I go back to practicing my letters on lined paper? Maybe I should write out all of my blog posts by hand before typing them in?!? THAT would be an exercise in patience....

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